Monday, July 15, 2019

History of the Club



Each of these players merits a long and detailed description of their accomplishments. “In 1913 the Davis Cup Team defeated Belgium and South Africa to reach the finals in the European Zone. In the zone final they lost to a strong United States team”. 


World War I disrupted tennis in Victoria, hard hit by the death of Bobby Powell, killed in action in 1915 in France. However by 1919 the game made a recovery, as indicated by an article “Tennis is Booming on the Pacific Coast”, contributed by the revered tennis executive J.G.Brown to The Canadian Lawn Tennis Annual  of 1919. 

“Tennis at Victoria is having a tremendous boom following a long period of depression. Since 1919 the number of entrants at the B.C. championships showed a remarkable recovery. The Victoria Club is one of the finest in Canada having sixteen courts, nearly all grass, and a membership of three hundred”.

Enthusiasm for tennis in Victoria continued, and despite the depression, the Victoria Lawn Tennis Club hosted the Canadian and British Columbia Championships concurrently on its Fort Street grass courts. Victorians Marjorie Leeming and Hope Leeming won the Canadian Ladies Doubles in 1930 and 1932, and Mrs. H.V.Wilson and Mary Campbell won in 1933. Marjorie Leeming and John Proctor won their second national mixed doubles title in 1930. 

In 1956, the Victoria Lawn Tennis Club hosted the Davis Cup match between the United States and Canada. They played to a tie, which the strong U.S. team won 4-1. Playing for Canada were Bob Bedard and Don Fontana from the east and Jerico stars Larry Barclay and Paul Wiley, with non-playing captain Jim Skelton of Vancouver. The local executives for the event were George MacMinn, Jim McArthur and Dr. Kemble Greenwood.


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