Tuesday, April 24, 2018

History of the Club


The B.C.E.R. Co. employees in Vancouver also formed a tennis club, located on 15th Avenue. The two Clubs held reciprocal matches each summer. Travel between the cities was on the stately C.P.R. Princess boats. Accommodation in Victoria was at the Empress Hotel. The evening preceding the matches, dinners and dances were held at The Royal Colwood Golf Club. The visitors habitually alleged that their failure in the matches was due to having been plied with excessive amounts of food and wine! 

The Vancouver club ended a distinguished career in 1952 when the company donated the property to the city for a grassy park. 

In 1946, J. Ovelaque and R.Nevard won the Ladies Doubles trophy. R.R. Mitchell and R.Wood won the Men's Doubles trophy. The Club Tournament has been an annual event since 1914, except for the years of World War I and II. 


Upcoming Events

24 Apr 2018n06:00PM - 09:00PMnSITA League - Courts 2 & 3
26 Apr 2018n12:00PM - 03:00PMnNichol Lessons - Crt.1
28 Apr 2018n10:30AM - 12:00PMnAdult Dev. Advanced
28 Apr 2018n12:00PM - 04:30PMnDrop-in Tennis
29 Apr 2018n10:30AM - 12:00PMnAdult Dev. Intermediate